Industrics electrics for industry



At Industrics all work is completed to the highest standard. Achieving a safer and more efficient workplace, so you can confidently meet the duty of care requirements for your staff.

Industrics will undertake both emergency & non-emergency work and are able to create a maintenance plan to get your workplace up to date with the current safety standards. Performing all work with precision, quality and safety so that the finished job stays finished. Shoddy workmanship may cost less initially, but is likely to be a safety risk or financial burden for years to come. Get the job done right and done once with Industrics.

Their team can come to your workplace and create a risk matrix showing any potential hazards, dividing these into categories so that the highest priority work is completed first and the remainder in a time frame that fits your budget. As Industrics work through these jobs you will get a certificate of compliance for the completed tasks.